Submission Guidelines

To submit your website to our directory, first Make sure that your site is not in our directory yet. Use our search for that. (Any repeated suggestion of a submitted site will be rejected.) Then browse the directory to identify the single best category for your site. You will find a "Submit URL" link. Follow the instructions on the submission form and our "Terms of Use" carefully, and submit it.

General Instructions:

  • Do not submit web sites composed solely of affiliate links.
  • Do not submit sites with popup windows and other technologies that interfere with viewing the main content of the site.
  • Do not submit websites which don't have original information/content, or do no value-add.
  • Do not submit sites that have too many keywords and are created specially for Search Engines.
  • Do not submit websites, whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to another website.
  • Do not submit mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs.
  • Do not submit sites that are under construction.
  • Submit your web sites to the single most relevant category.
  • Do not submit sites that redirect visitors to another site.
  • Do not submit multiple sites with essentially the same content.
  • Submit only web sites in English.
  • Do not submit adult, gamble, hate sites, and any website that promotes illegal activities.
  • Do not submit Sites advertising Viagra or products of that type.

Shoppers Top reserves the right to accept or reject any website, for reasons mentioned here, Terms of Use, and any other reasons not published here.

For more information please refer our "Terms of Use"

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